Carnival Parade

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Starts at 3pm

Victoria Park, Kitchener, ON


Carnival is street theatre; a living opera; interesting; exciting; thrilling; collaborative and competitive.

The LINK Carnival Parade takes place at the park on the Sunday of the festival and allows families to interact with each other and increase their love for the music as they dance and “jump up” in the parade.

All ages can borrow one of our costumes by visiting mas(querade) camp to cut down on the rush to get a costume on parade day!

About Carnival

Carnival is a celebration for family, friends and community and is celebrated in over 100 countries. Costume designers and band leaders design costumes and select music to fit a theme they have developed.  The themes, often social, artistic, fanciful or historical, are then paraded on the streets for everyone to enjoy. In Toronto, Canada, the celebration, formerly known as Caribana, is now called Toronto Caribbean Carnival. This carnival concept is taken from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago – originators of the steelpan instrument as well as the calypso, chutney and soca music styles. Each group (from a few members to thousands) in the carnival is called a mas band. The place where the dazzling costumes and extravagant large costumes (like floats) are designed and created is called the Mas Camp.  “Mas” is short for masquerade.


  King of the Parade 2014Queen of the Parade 2014 King George 2013, Queen Emma 2013 and Queen Brianna 2014

At Steelpan Yard in LINK Carnival Parade 2016 LINK Carnival Parade 2016

Time to move your body to the sweet music. if you don’t have a costume or didn’t book one, come early to pick from what’s left and get face painted!

All ages welcome to join the parade; It’s a family affair.

The boy and girl who shows the most carnival spirit takes home a trophy. (Top Male and Female Reveler)
And so does the Top Mas Family.

Avoid the rush for a costume. Bring your own or borrow one of ours. Three days of mass camp are offered to help you prepare for the parade in the park.

Click to see more pictures of Carnival Parade

LINK Carnival Parade trophies

2017 Trophies. All ages welcome.

The parade starts at 3 pm. Come early if you want to get your face painted (the earlier the better to avoid lines) and get in on the other activities in the Children’s Village.

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