Attention Afro Caribbean Artists and aspiring Artists!!

GET NOTICED at the 2018 LINK Picnic Festival at Victoria Park Kitchener.

You are invited to show your art within the Art Village section of the festival! The Art Village will showcase local artists.

If you are interested in coming into the light to show your art and inspire others with your God-given talent, please fill in the Artist Submission Form by August 1, 2018. Please also have photos of your artwork ready in advance for when we request them by email.


More details will follow after submission.


Elizabeth Owet

Elizabeth Owet being interviewed by MC Lorraine Harris at Mainstage

Art: for as long as I can remember, has always been a form of therapy for me. It’s soothing and calming. When I draw or paint, I escape reality and drift off into my subconscious and creative realm. Because of art, I am able to see the world in colour and what it truly is. Our world is cruel and unfair. It’s full of pain. Art expresses that pain in every single language you can imagine. I am able to critically look at our world and ask questions others are afraid to ask using works of art.
My work is inspired by my experiences or experiences from those around me. They are my response to certain subject matters in our society and what’s going on in the world because, words aren’t sometimes good enough to get a point across.




Suzanna Lam


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