Children’s Village

Face painting – want to be a butterfly or get a tribal look? No worries, our talented volunteers will transform you!

Sports & Games – work up a sweat at the LINK Olympics – 3-legged, egg & spoon, wheel barrow, and such races.

Arts & Crafts – you can freestyle or work on a signature craft. Create a mask, your creativity has no bounds.

Guess How Much candy is in the candy jar and you win!

And a couple more surprises! You will have to come and see!


Parade Costume Booking – Saturday

If you didn’t get to mass camp, book a costume on Saturday (while they last)  for Sunday’s Parade and get ready to move your body to the sweet Caribbean & African beats.


Joga Basics – Saturday 3pm and Sunday 4:30pm


Carnival Parade – Sunday 3pm

LINK Carnival Parade Top Mas Family 2016 LINK Carnival Parade Top Female Reveler 2016  LINK Carnival Parade Top Male Reveler 2016 LINK Carnival Parade 2016

Time to move your body to the sweet music. if you don’t have a costume or didn’t book one, come early to pick from what’s left and get face painted!

All ages welcome to join the parade; It’s a family affair.

The boy and girl who shows the most carnival spirit takes home a trophy. (Top Male and Female Reveler)
An so does the Top Mas Family.

Avoid the rush for a costume. Bring your own or borrow one of ours. Three days of mass camp are offered to help you prepare for the parade in the park.

LINK Carnival Parade trophies

2017 Trophies. All ages welcome.

Limbo Contest – After Carnival Parade – Sunday

How low can you go? The three lowest receives a medal

LINK Limbo Contest Medals

Limbo Contest Medals


Check back for more details….