LINK Picnic Festival

Saturday August 26 – Sunday August 27, 2017
Victoria Park, Downtown Kitchener

LINK Picnic Festival Schedule 2017

LINK Picnic Festival Schedule 2017

Steelpan Yard

1:00-2:00 Acoustic Steel Rhythms
2:00-3:00 Tropical Steel
3:00-6:00 Jerry Jerome and the Cardells


12:00 noon            Village Opens: Drumming led by Jeffrey Cummins and Gerima Harvey

3:30pm                  Afro-Caribbean Dance with Raechele Lovell

7:00pm                  Village Closes



12:00 noon           Village Opens

3:15pm                 Collective Drumming in Parade

4:00pm                 Afro-Caribbean Dance with Raechele Lovell

6:30pm                 Closing Drum Jam


12:20pm        Gerima & Friends

1:00pm          MC — Lorraine Harris
.                       Champa
.                       Ethix
.                       Big Lakes
.                       Joga
2:15pm          Lainey
2:45pm          DJ Trip D — Dance Competition
4:30pm          Jay Harmony
5:30pm          eKhaya
6:30pm         Tony Anthony
7:30pm          Oshungo

12:00pm      MC — Lorraine Harris
.                     Acoustic Steel
.                     Gerima & Friends
.                     Ethix
.                     Big Lakes
.                     Joga
2:00pm        Aileen Bennett
3:00pm        Carnival Parade
4:15pm         Young Commando
5:15pm         TIKI Mercury-Clarke
6:00pm       Errol Blackwood


Visit for schedule of games, races, candy jar guessing, face-painting, limbo contest, Fire Department, Waterloo Region Police Service Cruiser, Joga Basics and more!

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