The Sudanese Canadian Association of Waterloo Region and Wellington County

The Sudanese Canadian Association Waterloo Wellington

We are the Sudanese people residing in the Waterloo Region & Wellington County in the province of Ontario, Canada, believing in the effective role of our people in society and our interest to regulate and generate the ideas of our individuals and groups. Starting from the principal of maintaining the unity of the Sudanese residents in this area, we declare the establishment of the Sudanese Community in Waterloo Region and Wellington County (SCWRWC).

The goals and principles of our association are:

  • To promote social unity among the Sudanese background in K-W & Wellington County.
  • To solve social conflicts and family disputes among the members of the community in a peaceful way.
  • To preserve Sudanese tradition and culture.
  • To provide strong support to each and every member of the community with regards to any problem they may face. While abiding by all Provincial, Federal Laws and the community’s internal constitution.
  • As a Sudanese Community in the area we would like to welcome all new Sudanese people to the Region and encourage them to register and join the Sudanese Community in K-W & Wellington County. Also, we would like to thank the organizers of LINK Picnic Festival and all the participants for their great effort and performance.

Contact Info:

Phone: 905-923-1447

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