Guelph Black Heritage Society (GBHS)

About the guelph black heritage society

The Guelph Black Heritage Society was formed after the British Methodist Episcopal (BME) Church was listed for sale in November 2011. This historical stone church was built in 1880 by former slaves and their descendants who reached Canada, via the famed Underground Railroad. Today, under the stewardship of GBHS, the renamed Heritage Hall acts as a cultural centre hosting 175 events each year. Events include concerts, workshops, dramatic presentations, while also providing meeting space for community groups.
Our mandate is to preserve the Heritage Hall as a cultural heritage building, representing the historical, present, and continued influence of the Black community on the quality of life in Guelph/Wellington and across the county. This is achieved by raising awareness in Guelph of both local (Guelph and Wellington County) and national Black heritage as well as addressing social issues of importance to Black Canadian communities.


GBHS 2020 Initiatives

The Flora Francis Library of Black Literature at the Heritage Hall.

This space will contain resource materials and works of Black authors and books significant to the Black community.

The Heritage Hall Dance Studio.

The Heritage Hall Dance Studio will provide the BIPOC members of the dance community with affordable space for rehearsals and performances as well as provide members of our community with a safe haven to practice cultural dancing and uplift their art.

The Guelph Black Youth Council.

This council will provide a safe space within Guelph for Black youth to meet and speak freely on their daily issues. The Guelph Black Youth Council will also work to help Black youth in Guelph gain resources and guidance that they may not have access to in their everyday lives.

The Directory of Black Owned and Operated Businesses.

This online directory will feature information about Black owned and operated businesses in Guelph/Wellington and Waterloo Region. By creating this online directory to focus on our community and region, we will be helping our community and positively impacting the long-term success of Black owned and operated businesses.

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