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Nicole Alexander is a visual artist currently living in Ontario, Canada. Her paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolor reflect a unique Afro-Caribbean vibe.

Having grown up in the two island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Nicole’s inspiration stems from her love of dance, particularly Caribbean folk dance, poetry, calypso music and most importantly by her culture and the beauty of her heritage. Like one of her favourite artists, Elizabeth Catlett, who fought through racial barriers to make a name for herself, Nicole creates her art for all people to enjoy.

Artist Statement: “I am inspired to put paint to canvas whenever I feel deeply moved by the beauty and joy in the universe that surrounds me. At times that beauty may exist in the lyrics of a song, a stanza of a poem, the lines in a scriptural verse or even a glimpse of an image that I see. Wherever it may present itself, it is the starting point for what I put onto the canvas as I try to capture the essence of that mood and how it makes me feel. Coming from a place where I never thought that I was beautiful because of the colour of my skin, my paintings are a reminder to me and a lesson to my children that beauty comes in all shades and forms and that we should love and feel beautiful just the way that we were are. My art is a reflection of the message of peace, love, joy and hope that lifts my spirit and helps me to discover the beauty that is within me, within others and in the world around me.“

Recent group exhibitions include From the Soul, the Scotiabank Caribana official Art Exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada, Glenhysrt Art Gallery Brantford and showings in various Municipal buildings throughout Ontario as part of a travelling art Exhibit.



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