Children's Village
Have fun Dancing

Wave your hands in the air and bust a move in the GoNoodle Dance

Cooking & Story telling

Aunty Tricia teaches how to make a Jamaican Toto Conoconut Cake and tells the story of Samuel Sharpe

Click Here to download the recipe to have your ingredients ready to bake with Aunty Tricia

Guess Howmuch
Guess How Much Candy Game

Guess how much candy is in the jar. The closest guess wins!

Submit your guess ………


Play this kahoot about How well do you know African and Caribbean culture?

Books For Little Ones

Come and listen to our tales, all the way from Africa. From brave girls who stand up to defend their beliefs to little, yellow ladybug on a quest to fit in, there something for everyone here!


Get your supplies to make these crafts:

Paper beads: paper/magazine, pen or chopsticks or bead roller, gum / glue, fishing rod string or something similar to make a necklace or bracelet with pencil (to mark) and scissors

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Necklace: paper plates, scissors, colour and gum,  and other decorations like beads.

Fish: paper plate, gum or tape, scissors and colour
Mask: paper plate, scissors, paint and something to enable you wear the mask
Paper mask: empty tissue roll, scissors and paint
Paper roll figurine with cloth: empty paper roll, paint and whatever you want to use to decorate it with

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