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Tribute to Darnley Ashby / SECKO

03-Dec-1931 – 08-Apr-2020

A quiet, soft-spoken man, Darnley was the epitome of the ‘Still waters run deep’ expression. Able to discuss with equal aplomb the vicissitudes of modern governments (being an avid armchair politician) or to trace the history of the Steelpan, because he grew up witnessing first-hand its development. He loved Pan, and was particularly proud of the fact that it was invented in the land of his birth, Trinidad and Tobago.

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Calypso was the other twin love, also a creation of Trinidad and Tobago. As a composer, performer and exponent of the art, he spent most of his adult life involved in, and promoting the genre. So despite living for many years in his adopted land, Canada, (he embraced Canada), he remained ‘Trini to the bone’ –not even losing the sing-song Trini twang, as so many other migrants do in order to be assimilated.

A teetotaller, (juuuust kidding), Darnley held his own at the bar, without ever becoming boorish, always maintaining his composure like the true gentleman that he was.
I miss him. I miss the thrust and counter-arguments, whether it was the horrid history of power-hungry invaders of indigenous peoples, the gross ingrained racism of the privileged, or to laugh heartily at the conspiracy theorists who still believe that the 1969 moon landing was all camera tricks, foisted on an unsuspecting populace.

A career engineer, he had tools! Whenever I needed a special Thingamajig to fix a broken Whatchamacallit, Darnley had it in at least three sizes- small, medium & large.

My life was definitely enriched from knowing him, and being exposed to his positive, upbeat, can-do approach to just about everything. He also left me with his saying:
“If you can imagine it, it’s possible”.

by John Mendes.

Gerima Harvey

Gerima Harvey lives in a world where love regions and where he hopes there is always an abundance of music lovers to collaborate with. He hears the beat of yonder drummers and possesses a unique gift of being able to gel with any art form and artist.

He has been channeling musical prowess since infancy. From plates, tin cans, and plastic containers, he now expresses his ideas and emotions through a variety of drums, other percussion instruments, and vocals.

This dynamic soloist is a member of many musical relationships. In Canada, he plays with Baro Dununda, a West African Drumming Group, J Collective, Alysha Brilla, Ekhaya, Errol Blackwood, and others. In Jamaica, he is jammed with Earl Chinna Smith, Fab five, The Congos, Italee Waston, Tony Rebel, and a few others.

He launched his first CD, hosted by Saikou Saho of African Drums and Art Craft, in June 2015. From studio to stage, this magical musical genius inspires everyone, everywhere.

Gerima Music:

Gerima performing with Baro Dunuba:

 Gerima Harvey’s CD Launch Solo:

Acoustic Steel

Acoustic Steel is a six-member acoustic steel band. The musicians are Carol Taylor on first pan (melody), Cheryl Dietrich on double seconds (harmony), Rob Hartung on cello (bass), Sam Ogilvie on electric bass and Dick Smith and Kerren Asumang on djembe. The band started playing together over 12 years ago and play a diverse selection of songs suited to the unique sound of the Steel pan and rhythms of the Caribbean.

Events at which the band has been invited to play include Community Festivals, Charitable Fundraising Events, Weddings, private parties and Corporate functions.

Google plus:

DJ’s Soundscape

Jahbama — Nigeria and Zimbabwe
DJ Tripp D — Caribbean
DJ Blacks — Caribbean
DJ Lenny — R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz, Reggae & Calypso

Errol Blackwood & Injahband


Errol Blackwood was born in the Accompong (Maroon) Hills of Jamaica. He moved to Toronto Canada at an early age where he learned to play the Bass Guitar. He played with several bands in Ontario doing a mixture of RnB, Rock and Funk. His love for music comes from a variety of sources, from the church of his father who was a pastor, the Nyabinghi Drummers, the School music drama concert and the Jukebox playing from Country to Rhythm n Blues.
Errol founded the band Messenjah, along with Ray Ruddock and Rupert Harvey. They recorded two albums and a video under the WEA record label. Messenjah toured extensively for 6 years traveling across Canada and the U.S.A The band regrouped in 1986. Highlights included sharing stage with Hugh Masekela, The Clash, Frank Zappa Reggae Sun-Splash and CBC TV Concert in the park and Much Music cross Canada simulcast.


Errol’s Links:

KW record news paper 2018
Video bio. Pics song titled Cooling Down De Rage from Rastaman say cd
Errol blackwood cds on itunes
Love is How
Alien eb video
Wrote the first jamaican football team song reggae boyz
2014 single “anything for you. Recorded at fullstride studio
Rainey night in georgia

The Glam Squad – Zumba

The GlamSquad is one of the most energetic, full of smiles and ever so positive attitude, love for helping people, enthusiastic group of people you will ever meet! They believe exercise should be fun, and their classes are structured that way—to ensure that you have a great workout, experience abundant joy, and leave class with a boosted morale! This group of licensed Zumba Instructors have taught in various locations throughout the TriCities of Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge area- for all age groups from kids to seniors everyone is welcome to enjoy their fitness journey. The GlamSquad was created by Farah and has over a decade of experience combined and love sharing the experience, not only in their classes at gyms, community centres and schools- but during the last four years have taking part and organized Zumbathon fundraising events to help our communities as well as donating their time doing Zumba demos at health fairs in our area. We hope you will enjoy and join them soon.
Biography written by: Arlene Benavides

Have a glance to their amazing zumba sessions here:

Panwaves Steel Band

The Panwaves Steel Band has been entertaining in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge area since 1989. The band can perform as a duo, trio or even a soloist. Music ranges from Calypso, Reggae, Latin, Motown and Top 40 Hits. Imagine having your guest enjoy the sounds of the islands at your next special event or patio night.
The band can be seen around the K-W Region in Santa Claus Parades and the Cambridge Canada Day Parade. Panwaves have also participated in the Scotia Bank Caribana Parades and Panorama/Pan Alive Competitions in Toronto from 1996 to 2002. The band has received many best band awards and in 2002 band leader Clyde Dookie received the Bernice Adams Award for music.

Youth of The Sudanese Canadian Association of Waterloo Region and Wellington County

Youth of Sudanese Canadian Association of Waterloo Region & Wellington County will perform the Sword Dance from Sudan.

Hadandawa, also called Sword Dance, is a folk dance from Sudan performed mainly by men carrying swords and women carrying sticks. The dance is evolved out of sword fighting between men back in the day. The presence of women dancers in the dance symbolizes peace, love and joyful life.

Abdul Issa

Abdul Issa is a Lebanese community music educator and composer. He is also a filmmaker. He is currently enrolled in the Masters of Art in Community Music at Wilfrid Laurier University. His main goal is to integrate his Middle Eastern music culture with the Canadian community culture. If he stays in Canada after finishing his master’s degree, his other goal is to serve the community with all the God given skills he has been granted. 

He has teamed up with Gerima Harvey to perform a live duet on Saturday.

Elvis Bokosha

Elvis Bokosha band originated from Zimbabwe but then moved to Canada. The band was established in 2012 by Elvis Bokosha. Elvis is the lead singer and he is an acoustic guitarist and he is gifted with a powerful voice.

This is a nine-member band comprising of the lead singer who plays acoustic guitar, bass guitarist, pianist , keytarist, drummer, electric guitarist and three backing vocalists.

Our music can be classified as Afro Jazz but we would like to believe that it has a contemporary feel to it. We are a band that seeks to address social facts pertaining to day to day life. All the songs are composed by Elvis and most of them are about love, motivation and guidance. The languages used in the music are mainly Shona, Ndebele and English. Shona and Ndebele being the native languages in Zimbabwe.

We have shared stage with most popular Zimbabwean musician like Oliver Mtukudzi, Tocky Vibes, Winky D , Shinsoman just to mention a few. Our performances have mainly been in Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom and Canada. In Canada we have performed at Bring on the sunshine festival, Habari Africa Festival and other events.

Elvis has released one album and so many singles. The album is titled Shanda ”work” and has 9 tracks which include shanda, wandaireva, rudo.

Shaka Zulu


Jeffrey Cummins (aka Shaka Zulu) was born in Barbados and spent 13 years living in Holland where he performed extensively all over Europe including countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France Belgium, Spain, Holland, Estonia and Italy. He was involved in many aspects of the entertainment industry including performing African dance, African drumming, fire shows, dance choreography, and costume design/creation. He now resides in K-W where he continues to perform African dance, African drumming, and Fire Shows at various festivals and for private parties. He also teaches group and private salsa lessons at the Flying Dog (Waterloo), The Guanaquita Restaurant (Kitchener) and his own studio (BlackJack Designs and Entertainment at 283 Duke St W, unit 338, Jeffrey has a passion for entertainment and making people smile. You won’t want to miss his performance, especially his fire show. His fun and crazy interactive style will keep you entertained and amazed.

Rufus John

Rufus John is an award-winning youth mentor, Child & Youth Worker and chart topping Artist. His music has a funky, fresh sound layered over a slick fusion of Soul & R&B with undertones of hip hop, jazz and gospel. His music is the vehicle he chooses to use to tell his story of heartache, addiction, love, pain, family and everything in between.

The life and talent of Rufus John personally and professionally is in an upward movement affecting everyone that encounters his musical genius. Whether on stage performing for the masses or giving back through his musically inspired youth mentorship program, his overall vision is to be a beacon of light for those coming up. It has become exciting to see when his enthusiasts are able to understand their story through his soulful truths, ultimately inspiring those around him. Needless to say, anyone who spends the time listening to his art, will inevitably fall in love with Rufus John.


Ojonugwa is a 17 year old Kitchener, Ontario native who loves to sing, dance, act, eat food, play basketball and listen to music. She will perform a live solo accompanied by her guitar.

Chasaya Sichilima


Famed for his smooth silky vocals and unique dance moves, Chasaya Sichilima brings energy and enthusiasm to his shows. His smooth silky vocals take the listener to the Kalindula, Manchancha, and Zambezi heartlands of Zambia. He sings with soul and performs with fiery passion!    

Chasaya was born in the Copperbelt city of Zambia in Ndola, fondly called the “Friendly City”. He is regarded as one of Zambia’s best singers, songwriters and performers.  He has been inspired and influenced by a number of Zambian and foreign artists such as The Witch, Ackim “The Voice” Simukonda, Teddy Chilambe, PK Chishala, Tabu Ley Rochereau, Salif Keita, Lokua Kanza, Luther Vandross and Peabo Bryson, just to name a few.  These influences have allowed Chasaya to develop a sound that incorporates rhythm and blues with traditional Zambian folk and contemporary music.

 Credited with introducing Zambian music to mainstream Canadian audiences, Chasaya made his Canadian debut at Afrofest 2003. The following year, he played alongside the Sakala Brothers and Rapper Louie X, fellow Zambians at Afrofest in a show widely acclaimed as a breakthrough for Zambian music in North America.  Chasaya has played in England, the US, Zambia and Canada. He has headlined the “Our World Festival of Music” at Kitchener City Hall and the “African – Canadian Association of Waterloo Region Area” Black History Month Celebration at the Registry Theatre,  David Livingtone’s Bicenterary Celebrations at Castle Kilbride and “Bring on the Sunshine Festival”.  In 2014 he performed at the “LINK Picnic Festival” to critical acclaim. 

 Chasaya’s sophomore album Walasa received critical acclaim. The album, a collection of nine songs that featured Sichilima’s silky vocals with a unique blend of contemporary and traditional rhythms.  Walasa in the Zambian languages of Bemba and Nyanja means, “You have hit the target”, or “You have hit the nail on the head”.  Walasa encompasses contemporary sounds that have influenced many African artists in the Diaspora. The album has spun hits such as “Akamangu”, “Mukoto”, “Naleta Ichila” and Tizaonana. 

 The songs “We Kaela” and “Moombe Wabacisya” from his debut album “Inspirationally Yours” were featured on a compilation album of African artists in Canada titled “Bana Ya Africa”. Another song “Zambia” was the subject of media debate as an alternative to the country’s national anthem. 

 A two-time nominee of Canada’s prestigious Jack Richardson Award for World Music, he is a past winner of the Cuban Salsa Dance Championships in the UK. Chasaya is currently working on his third album.

Naleta Ichila:
We Kaela:



Kenrick Dookie also known as DJ Tripp D currently works around the KW/Guelph area for private events and night clubs. Having many years of experience in live events lead to performances with artists from Def Jam to Cristian Rap and opening sets for J. Cole, Trey Songs, 4Korners and others.

Gillie Genesis

Gilbert Spence, Pka Gillie Genesis,
As a young man Gillie was told that he would walk with kings, but not only did he walk with legends, he became one! 

Gillie journeyed from “Genesis Gospel group” in Jamaica, to experience international circuits, the greatest festivals, venues and stages, in the world. After a 10 year stint as a resident musician at Couples Hotel Jamaica, Gillie toured with groups like, the Congos, the Abyssinians, IJah Man Livi, Chaka Demus & Pliers, and was band leader for the multi-Grammy award-winning band, the Burning Spear.

From the The House of Blues, Australia’s East Coast Blues & Roots Festival , USA’s Bonnaroo Festival, Denmark’s Roskilda Rock Festival, Switzerland’s Montruex Jazz Festival, Hollywood’s Jerry Lee Lewis Telethon, and as the headlining act, he made history as a member of the first Reggae Band to play The Hollywood Bowl.

Gillie Is Currently In Canada,And Is Active in the cultural Preservation, as a member of the “The Heritage Singers Canada”
Musical Director/ Producer with “Ekhaya World Band”, Etc.

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